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Why choose me?

I am experienced content creator with strong skills in photography and video shooting. By working with me you gain high quality content for your website or social media profiles that is nowadays a key to get more clients and increase sales.

Let me tell your story and showcase your products or services through aesthetic and engaging content that will be loved by your customers ❤️

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sponsored posts on my blog
  • Sponsored TikTok videos
  • Sponsored Instagram Stories/Reels/Posts
  • Brand Ambassadorship or representation
  • Hotel, attraction, restaurant, or product reviews
  • Press trips
  • Photography and content creation 
  • Long-term partnerships and collaboration

You are paying for the content I deliver so you can use it on your own website, social media and ads (both in social media and Google Ads). It is a win-win-win situation:

  • For you because you get engaging, natural photos/videos (UGC – user generated content);
  • For my followers because they get special offers and recommendations;
  • For me because I’m able to create even more valuable and interesting content.

My content is about Sweden. I write about trips, living in here, emigration, language and culture. But what interest me the most are the people and their stories.

I also want to share an experience of cozy, happy living. That is why you can find here posts about finances, working as a freelancer, tech and my lifestyle.

My SoMe background

I am content creator with more than 11 years of experience and during my career I’ve done multiple campaigns with brands that were published on my profiles.

  • Years 2011-2014: gaming YouTube channel MissKremowka (76.500 subscriptions, at best times 86.000 subscriptions)
  • Years 2014-2019: lifestyle YouTube channel – Blogodynka (currently: Karolina Pikus) (24.500 subscriptions)
  • I did collaborations and paid sponsorships with brands such as: PlayStation Polska, CDP Red, Electronic Arts, Cenega, Eveline, TicTac, AverMedia, Pretty Little Liars (for Polish publisher of the series), Zielona Linia (call-center for young people searching for a job), Bell, Tołpa.

Are we a match?

Contact me at [email protected]

Cooking is about passion, so it may look slightly temperamental in a way that it’s too assertive to the naked eye.

Gordon Ramsay

Most important stats

  1. Blog:
  2. Instagram:
    1500 users reach/monthly,
    average stories views: 200
  3. TikTok:
    9.000 video views/monthly

Do you want us to work on your branding, website or social media marketing & strategy?

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