Smålandet – amazing moose safari in Markaryd

Moose Safari – this point on the Markaryd map caught our attention as soon as we started looking for an apartment in this place. We looked at the photos on Instagram, we were amazed and we knew we had to visit this place as soon as possible.

Smålandet Älg Safari

The attraction was opened in June 2004 to allow visitors a close contact with the king of the forest – the moose. An undoubted advantage is the ability to observe these animals in their natural environment. About 15 hectares of fenced and secured area has been prepared a 3-kilometer route for tourists. It is overcome only by car or train, so as not to stress the animals.

About 12 specimens of moose and 10 American bison live in the Markaryd safari (the numbers may differ – newborns may happen – I provide information from the official website).

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There are many similar attractions in Sweden (in very close to our home we have already come across several such places). What makes them different is the way of sightseeing. In some we are fenced off from animals, in others, like in Smålandet, we go straight into their territory.

Location of Markaryd’s moose safari

Attraction is located in Markaryd (285 91), Misterhult 2032. The place can be reached by car (taking the Markaryd Norra exit from the E4 route). For motorists, a huge parking lot has been prepared, which will certainly not run out of places. Another way to get to Smålandet could be by walking. It is only 3 kilometers from the center of Markaryd, so it should take around 30 minutes to get there.

Planning your visit

Moose safari can be visited in two ways – your own car or a special train. In both cases, it is forbidden to leave the vehicles and petting the buffalo (this prohibition does not include the moose). Additionally, when traveling by car, it is forbidden to feed the animals before 4:30 p.m. – after this time, you will receive twigs at the entrance, which you can give to moose or bison.

An unquestionable advantage of visiting with the train is the guide’s voice commentary. It is broadcasted in several languages. In addition, the driver will be happy to get out and call curious animals to come to the train and show themselves to visitors.

If you are visiting by car, at the very end of the route you can choose whether you end the trip or you want to make another circle. In this way, you can tour the route several times and take enough photos.

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The first time we chose to visit our own car, but the next time we visit we consider a train. Moose turned out to be greedy creatures and they were very eager to establish contact with nursing tourists.


There is a restaurant in Smålandet serving warm lunches (rather in a fast-food atmosphere). Here you will eat burgers and schnitzels with potatoes or fries. The offer also includes köttbullar (Swedish meatballs) made of moose meat or a dinner set with warm smoked salmon.

In addition to the restaurant, you will also find a café decorated in the style of the 1700s on site. You will eat waffles with additives, ice cream and several types of coffee.

Regardless of the above, there is an ice cream parlor in the courtyard, to which there was quite a long queue during our visit 🙂

Sample prices in this moose safari:

  • Moose köttbullar, mashed potatoes, cowberry jam, drink and salad – SEK 159
  • Bison burger with fries, drink and salad – SEK 199
  • Schnitzel with baked potatoes, drink and salad – SEK 139
  • Waffles with ice cream, topping and whipped cream – 59 SEK
  • Italian ice cream – 30 SEK
  • Scoop of ice cream – 25 SEK (2 scoops – 30 SEK, 3 scoops – 35 SEK)
  • Small cappuccino – 35 SEK
  • Small vanilla Caffe Latte – 35 SEK

Prices and opening hours

The opening hours of the moose safari depend on the season and holidays. From March 27 to November 7, the safari is open daily from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. (except on June 25, Midsommarsafton – then you can visit from 10:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.). The most up-to-date information can be found on the Smålandet’s Moose Safari website.

The tour prices are as follows (by car / train):
Adults: 140 SEK / 180 SEK
Children (3-12 years old): 90 SEK / 120 SEK

Other attractions in the moose safari

In addition to meeting moose and buffalo, you can visit a goat farm during your visit to Smålandet. They are very friendly and willing to pose for photos (it is forbidden to take animals in your hands).

For lovers of historic buildings, there will also be something interesting. Smålandet is located on a farm that housed residential buildings in the 1700s, and later, in 1910, the first hunting club was established. In the souvenir shop located in the old barn, you will find a 5-meter-long historic well.

There is an observation deck above the restaurant building, where you can enjoy your meal or climb a little higher and admire the surroundings.

Our impressions

We were charmed by the reviews of other visitors, so we had high expectations. We were not disappointed – it is a great attraction. Not only because we were able to associate with such majestic animals as moose and American buffalo. We learned a lot about these species from the information boards and took some beautiful photos and videos.

We will definitely come back to that moose safari. We were afraid, after opinions from other similar places, that the chances of meeting the animals would be zero, but I have the impression that they are almost 100%.

Smålandet is a must-see for us if you visit Kronoberg and Markaryd area, which is easy to catch when traveling between the larger cities in the south of Sweden. We highly recommend it!

Important information

Address: Misterhult 2032, 28591 Markaryd
Website: smalandet.se
Google Maps coordinates: 56.45965321709792, 13.633529787157938

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