Kävsjön Runt – on foot around Lake Kävsjön

Kävsjön Runt is the second trail in the Store Mosse National Park that we have done in our lives. Although it is longer than Blådopet Runt, hiking it is no less a pleasure, and the landscapes reward every effort.

General information

The Kävsjön Runt trail is approximately 12 kilometers long and the estimated walking time is 3-4 hours. It took us a little longer – less than 6 hours. Of course, because we were a group of four, with a dog as the fifth member of the crew, and we took lots of photos along the way. We also had two longer stops to drink, eat snacks and enjoy the views.

It is the second longest route in the entire park, just after the 14-kilometer Naturum-Andersberg trail, which is not a loop and it is more difficult to plan a hike along it logistically. You can also see that its beginning is located at the main entrance to the park – the traffic is considerable, especially during the holiday season (although still, for Polish conditions, we would say that there are simply very few people, and passing other tourists once every several minutes is not a problem).

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Kävsjön Runt - on foot around Lake Kävsjön 14

Access and parking

The Kävsjön Runt can be accessed from three car parks: Södra Svänö, Östra Rockne and Wibecksleden. We started with the latter. In addition to parking spaces (including those for motorhomes), there is a place to prepare a picnic, light a fire or use a drinking water intake. From there it is also the closest to Naturum, i.e. the natural center. It is also the main entrance to the National Park itself, and the entire parking area is wheelchair accessible.


There are several places along the trail where you can spend the night. In the main car park at Wibecksleden there are parking spaces for motorhomes, and at Södra Svänö it is possible to pitch a tent.

In Svänö itself, there is a second shelter, besides Lövö, where you can spend the night. Just like in Lövö, water is drawn from a well, and the building is heated by a wood-burning stove, the supplies of which are stored outside. The building does not have electricity. Nevertheless, it is a very atmospheric place.


There are three viewpoints along the Kävsjön Runt. One at Naturum, the other two on the further stages of the route. To get to them, however, you have to deviate from the main path and follow the signposts along the route. We, due to the limited time, hooked only the first point, from which there was a view of the almost endless peatlands.

Punkt widokowy Wibecksleden przy Kävsjön Runt
Kävsjön Runt - on foot around Lake Kävsjön 17

We will definitely make up for the other two lookout towers in the future. Mainly due to the fact that it is from them that you can see the largest lake in Store Mosse – Kävsjön.

The beginning of the Kävsjön Runt Trail

The route begins with a short, 150-meter fragment of the footbridge that leads to the nature center. From there we enter the forest, where the paths are often cut by protruding roots. It is a slightly hilly area, hence frequent ascents and descents.

Kładka w drodze do naturum na szlaku Kävsjön Runt
Kävsjön Runt - on foot around Lake Kävsjön 18

After not too long, the trees begin to thin out and the ground becomes more and more waterlogged. After all, there are already more shrubs, mosses and lichens on our horizon, and fewer taller trees. This is the moment when we enter the footbridge, from which we will go down only occasionally.

Vegetation on the Kävsjön Runt

The Kävsjön Runt trail runs mainly through pine or spruce forests. However, there is no shortage of fragments located in the open space, where only small plants, mosses and lichens grow. Among the plants, you can meet species such as: red peat moss, wild calla, myrica gale and great sundew.

Fauna on the trail

The Kävsjön Runt runs partly through a bird protection area (valid from March 1 to August 15) and access to the trail is limited during this time. In the protected area along the trail, mainly ospreys live, feeding on fish from Lake Kävsjön (fish are not found in wet peat bogs due to the acidity of the waters).

An undoubted attraction are the white-tailed eagles and golden eagles living in the park, whose feeding during the winter can be observed using a webcam on the official website.

Due to the numerous fallen, decaying trees and insects living in them, you will often come across woodpeckers or black woodpeckers.

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Kävsjön Runt - on foot around Lake Kävsjön 24


The trail is great to spend the whole day on. You can start with a visit to the nature center, then walk the trail, stopping for a snack at the Sväno Hut. You can eat a bigger meal at the end of the route, after returning to the main parking lot. If you want to spend a lot of time outdoors, Kävsjön Runt will be a great choice.

Length: 12 km
Hike time: approx. 4,5-6 h
Trail type: Pętla
Nearest parking lot: Wibecksleden (Naturum), Sväno, Kävsjo
Google Maps coordinates (Wibecksleden)57.3001239827774, 13.93018549995057

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