5 playlists to spark your creativity

It’s been a long time since stopped believing in the magic “motivation” that will come by itself and send me inspiration. Now I usually just sit down and do. The problem is when the tasks to be performed are in the creative field. Then I reach for music and one of the 5 playlists that stimulate creativity.

Creativity boost

Almost six hours long playlist with more or less famous songs. Maintained at a moderate pace, bringing positive vibes. It works perfectly when it plays in the background during creative work, where you can just flow, but also feel and “kick” to the rhythm. Interesting fact – this playlist accompanies me while writing this post.

Be creative

A recommendation for those who like faster songs, to which you can stamp your feet while working. It lasts almost 12 hours, so it will surely last you for a few days of work. Some songs will definitely make you hum or sing loudly when office conditions permit, so if it distracts you, test this playlist to see if it actually helps you.

Creative focus

A playlist for lovers of classical music. If you need to concentrate in addition to creating and inventing, this will be the perfect playlist for you. Approximately three-hour long playlist of 60 songs at moderate and fast tempo. Sunny, perfect to play somewhere in the background.

Creative flow

With this playlist you will fall into a creative trance if that’s what you need. By far the longest of this list – it contains almost 500 songs with a total length of less than 32 hours. It mainly includes electronic, dubstep, trance and house music. For me, it’s got too much stimulus and more disturbing than helping, but I know people who make it a perfect playlist.

Creative writing music

Music dedicated to creative writing, learning and focus. 11-hour long with 230 songs, by far the calmest of the ones I have included in this list. If the relaxing “cozy vibe” is something you need to get creative, then definitely go for this playlist.

I hope that at least one of the playlists posted will help you achieve concentration and creative flow during your work. If so, be sure to let me know in the comment and share this post with your friends using the share buttons below the post.

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